Friday, May 1, 2020

Clinical Data Points

Question: What are clinical Data Points? Explain. Answer: The topic selected for this particular research study include educating the importance of near misses or errors in a healthcare facility. The target audience selected in this regard include Registered nurses (RN), Licensed practical nurses (LPN). Likewise, the healthcare unit selected for the study is Baxter International operating in the United States (Baxter, 2016). In this regard, certain specific set of data needs to be selected for completion of the study. Data Points Needed Educating nurses to eliminate near misses and errors from their workplace activities is quite crucial for enhancing the nursing practices and likewise improving the process of nursing care. Likewise, in order to execute this particular program, it will be crucial to identify the data needs with regard to the selected workplace. Near miss events often presents an opportunity to identify as well as eliminate errors that is causes as a result of jeopardize. One of the major data needs in this context would be getting information of relevant to nurses regarding near events in Baxter International across different departments of the healthcare unit. It will be important to identify the past records of the healthcare unit regarding incidents regarding near misses and closed errors further segregating them as per the need of the study (Crane et. al. 2015). Furthermore, primary information will also be needed in the process of completing this research study on the selected topic. Notably, interviews will be conducted with the nurses and other healthcare practitioners within the healthcare unit to get information relevant to nursing errors and events of near misses within the healthcare unit. The information relevant to the topic will also be collected to understand both the positive and negative effects of near miss events and closed errors within the healthcare workplace (Manaq, 2011). Analysis will also needs to be conducted for this study regarding the process of medical error reporting which also facilitates reporting of near miss events in the workplace. This particular set of data points will be crucial in understanding the participation of the nurses in Baxter International in dealing with near miss events (Strub, 2010). Data will also needs to collected regarding the codes and process followed by nurses in Baxter international while eliminating near misses at large. Rationale The rationale for selecting this topic for the practicum project mainly relates with the aspect that it near misses and errors of nursing practices is one of the widely debated topic in healthcare sector today. However, the topic is yet to be largely explored in terms of the importance of educational program for the nurses in dealing with events of near misses and the positives to be leveraged from the same. Owing to this particular aspect, the selected topic has been considered for this study. Again, the data set selected to be used has also been considered on the basis of the needs assessment for completing the study as per requirement. Information related to the past incidents of near misses in Baxter International will serve as crucial for executing the education program for the selected topic. References Baxter. (2016). Sustainability. Retrieved from Crane, S. et. al. (2015). Reporting and Using Near-miss Events to Improve Patient Safety in Diverse Primary Care Practices: A Collaborative Approach to Learning from Our Mistakes. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 28 (4): 452-460. doi: 10.3122/jabfm.2015.04.140050. Manaq, J. N. (2011). Nurses' perceptions of medication errors and their contributing factors in South Korea. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 19 (3):346-53. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2834.2011.01249.x. Strub, W. (2010). Near Miss Reporting: An Educational Program. Retrieved from

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