Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Currie Road Construction Case Analysis Essay - 2423 Words

Executive Summary In December 2008, Martin Cook, president of Currie Road Construction Limited, a B.C. based firm, had to decide soon on the company’s expansion plan due to the anticipated economic stimulus spending in both B.C. and Texas in the coming year. The two primary alternatives are either to enter the U.S. construction industry, particularly the Texas market, or to continue the company operations within Canada. Currie owns 2.7% of the B.C. market and due to fierce competition, it is extremely difficult to gain market share. On the other hand, Texas has a bigger market with less competition. Texas Department of Transportation is approving road construction projects that worth more than $4.5 billion. With Currie’s experience and†¦show more content†¦construction industry, particularly the Texas market. Cook would have to decide soon due to the anticipated economic stimulus spending in both B.C. and Texas in the coming year. This is mostly an analytical case presented with plenty of information regarding the background history and the current market condition. Background There are some immediate issues that Currie has to address. The first issue is the extreme difficulty to gain market share in B.C. due to fierce competition; as many as ten companies bid on one job in B.C.. According to Case Exhibit 1 â€Å"2008 Market Share Ranking (MTI)†, Currie only owns 2.7% of the market in 2008. The second issue is to stay profitable. Cook took over Currie late 2000. Even though Currie has been profitable since 2003 according to Case Exhibit 2 â€Å"Financial Summary (Yearly)†, it was unable to make any interest payments towards the company’s $20 million loan until 2007. These two immediate issues are highly important and highly urgent. Currie also has a few basic issues. First is the $20 million debt; the interest owing is a major burden to the company. It would take Currie many years to repay the entire loan. Second is how to better utilize the company’s resources such as machinery which sits idle during the winter, and the existing centralized control systems which cost a total of $170,000. While these two issues are highly important they are not as urgent as the immediate issuesShow MoreRelatedWomen Entrepreneurs: a Critical Review of the Literature12149 Words   |  49 PagesWomen’s motives for starting and leading a business; (3) Women’s leadership styles and management strategies in small business; and (4) Barriers and conflicts encountered by women business owners. The article argues that further study and critical analysis is required, particularly examining relationships between changing economic contexts and cultural meanings of work, and women’s unique ways of crafting entrepreneurial leadership. Questions are suggested for future research continuing the inquiryRead MoreOrganization Restructuring26680 Words   |  107 Pagesprovided, along with a list of relevant references. Most summaries provide the following information, though some will have more or less. 1. NAME OF INTERVENTION: Most commonly used name, along with alternatives. 2. TARGET LEVEL(S) OF ANALYSIS: Is it directed toward organization-wide, group/ unit/ department, or individual change? 3. PURPOSE OF THE INTERVENTION: What is the primary goal of the intervention? 4. EFFECTIVENESS CRITERIA: What are the most appropriate outcomes (behaviorsRead MoreAnz Bank142091 Words   |  569 Pagesprofit is not audited by the external auditor, however the external auditor has informed the Audit Committee that the adjustments have been determined on a consistent basis across each period presented. Refer to  page 15 and pages 206 to 207 for analysis of the adjustments between statutory profit and cash profit. 2 Average ordinary shareholders’ equity excludes non-controlling interests and preference shares. 3 The 2014 dividend payout ratio is calculated using the March 2014 interim and the

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